Request Haitian Creole Interpretation

PHR provides on-site and over-the-phone interpretation for:

  • Medical appointments
  • Court appearances
  • (approved by AOC in North Carolina)
  • Legal depositions
  • Teacher/Parent conferences
  • Michelle is nationally certified by CCHI

Interpretation is vital on any occasion wherein the outcome of the conversation will change the life of either party great or small. Remember, if the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn't you want one. Because someone understands basic English is not reason enough to provide services without a certified interpreter.

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Request Haitian Creole Translation

PHR provides accurate and complete translation of your documents including:

  • Legal documents
  • Medical Records
  • Official Transcripts such as birth, marriage and death certificates
  • School educational posters and brochures

Legal notices in English are difficult for a native English speaker to understand. How much more so for someone who learning English. Give your customer clear instructions with a certified translation of the English document. As a result, you will spend less money on repairs. What is more, your customers will cooperate. Why? Because they really want to work as a team with you.