Why Hire a Certified Haitian Creole Interpreter?

Interpreting requires a high level of skill. A certified Haitian Creole interpreter has that skill. Why? Because she has invested time and resources to complete continuing education requirements. She has developed a resource library. As a certified interpreter, she is obligated to adhere to the code of ethics and follow the standards of practice. Moreover, she knows that receiving the message in any language and understanding it as it was intended is already a major feat. In addition, formulating it in another language whose thought patterns and sentence structure is entirely different raises the bar. Finally transmitting it within seconds is not for the faint of heart. Yes, interpreters read minds. They understand the message behind the words.

To illustrate, professionals in any field were not born with the vocabulary that they use daily. They had to learn it. It took time. They needed experience. The fact that they spoke English was irrelevant. As a result, a lawyer only had a rudimentary understanding of legal vocabulary until he attended law school. How can he expect a bilingual person who has not had any legal background to know the vocabulary in both languages and transmit his message accurately? Is it reasonable to assume that a bilingual person could pass the bar exam simply because she is bilingual? Of course not.

Bilingual is Not Enough

Although a Haitian American may be fluent on an expert level with day-to-day vocabulary in Creole and English, she will be at a loss when she enters a hospital to adequately interpret for her mother. Since she was born here, or moved to the country at a young age, she does not know if they do EKGs in Haiti or what the equivalent word for it would be. Not having any medical education, does she know what an EKG is in English? Does she know what an EKG does?

Culture Matters

Lack of cultural awareness of home remedies, superstitions and healthcare prejudices hinder communication. We can free you from those challenges. Undoubtedly our team is the best choice for your medical interpreting needs. Likewise, understanding what the layman knows of the legal field in Haiti and potential communication conundrums make Michelle the expert that you want on your legal team.

Why is PHR Your Go-To Interpreting Team?

The interpreters at Professional Human Resources, Inc. know what an EKG is, what it does and if they exist in Haiti. They know legal terminology and the American judicial system. Michelle worked in a legal office in the United States for five years. She has spent time in Haiti interviewing lawyers, judges and police officers to better understand the Haitian legal system. She is a legal linguistic SME (Subject Matter Expert). Michelle Washington has her Healthcare Interpreter certification from CCHI in the US. Click the CCHI link below to see that she is also a medical linguistic SME. In addition, she has interviewed doctors, nurses and observed hospital operations and care of patients in both rural and metropolitan Haiti.

CCHI National Healthcare Certification

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